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In 2004, the Governing Board of the Club was prompted to seek a formula whereby the work of different professionals and groups which, inside or outside the region, set themselves up as promoters of congresses and events in Gijón, would be recognised. Without these people and entities, it would not be possible to hold meetings in the city.

This is how the “Ambassadors of Gijón” distinction came about in 2005.  This name was used to identify the distinction that the Club awarded every year to a person or institution in order to recognise the work carried out to promote Gijón in the professional meetings and events market.

The “Ambassadors of Gijón” distinction, apart from recognising the work of organising meetings and events in Gijón, also fosters the evaluation and recognition of the talent and work of professionals, who, in different areas, carry out their activity in Asturias.

The “Ambassadors of Gijón” aims to be a motivational tool, an objective to aspire to, for all those people who have the capacity to bring meetings to the city. By presenting this distinction, the Club de Empresas shows its gratitude to those people and also recognises the efforts they have made to attain these meetings. All of this is possible thanks to their professional track record and proven worth in the organisations they belong to.

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You can consult the different editions of Ambassadors of Gijón through their photographs, classified by years.