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Gijón Responsible Tourism

Gijón is working to become a destination for everyone. Public and private sectors work to defend the values of accessibility and sustainability in the city offer, by providing visitors with responsible tourism.

One of the challenges of the Gijón tourist model is its consolidation as a destination that is environmentally responsible and committed. In this sense, one of the objectives of the 2012 – 2015 Gijón Tourism Action Plan is to carry out sustainability-based work (cultural, socio-economic and environmental), in other words, not to view tourism as a closed and independent economic sector, but as a cross-cutting reality, inherent to the city in its economy, territory, culture and society.

Responsible companies

Several companies of Gijón Calidad Turistica (Tourist Quality) and Club de Empresas de Turismo de Negocios of the Principality of Asturias are already working on the application of good sustainable practices included in their Decalogues or ten golden rules

Gijón, Responsible Tourist Services  Decalogue

Gijón, Responsible Events Decalogue