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Aldea – Alimentos de Asturias


Aldea – Alimentos of  Asturias was created in 1994 with the aim of recuperating and fostering those top quality products of Asturias, that are sometimes either unknown or even forgotten.

Our service is based on the sale of Asturian products for own consumption or as gifts:  pasties (tuna,  meat, octopus, cod, from the Cuenca Minera (mining basin), mushrooms with ham and Cabrales cheese, chicken with mushrooms and onion confit, loin of pork with La Peral cheese and peppers, Afuega´l Pitu cheese with quince cheese,…),  Boroña preñada (stuffed pudding), Bollos preñados (stuffed buns), homemade cold meat, cheese, Fabada de Mazapán (bean stew made of marzipan) (only at Christmas), Carmelinas….